Best Business Class Cabin For Families Traveling With Kids

Many of our readers travel on business all the time, paid for by their ​employers, but given the cost wonder whether it's worth booking business class travel when traveling with family.

Business Class Is Worth It With Kids

Our take on Jetset Kings is that business class is absolutely worth it with kids. As long as they're either so small they're in a bassinet (and the airline you select provides those in Business), or just old enough to appreciate the experience it's likely to be one of the most pleasurable flights you ever take.

We took our three-year-old on her first Club World with BA this spring to visit family in the US and seeing her smile as she reclined her seat and dozed off on the plush Whyte Company bedding was worth every penny.

I was nervous beforehand, as she can be quite lively 'on the ground', but the play areas in the lounge, plane spotting opportunities and the serene security and boarding experience typical of business class seemed to have a similar impact as it has on adults. We arrived in the US fresh, relaxed and I managed to do a full day's work on the WiFi while they chilled out and enjoyed the flight.

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