This review took place during the heavily restricted environment in the UK post-COVID lockdown. The reviewer paid 10,000 Radisson Reward Points plus 70 GBP. The hotel was not aware we were coming and we were not paid for this review.

Generally regarded as one of the better hotels in Birmingham City Centre I was looking forward to my first post-lockdown business stay–knowing of course that some facilities would be significantly reduced due to demand etc.

Arrival was seamless and all the precautions you'd expect were in place, staff behind screens, social distancing etc. I'm not really fussed about any of that but if you are then know you'll feel safe here as all the recommended processes are in place.

As a Gold with Radisson Rewards I was upgraded to a corner/view/superior room. The extra windows and wider view were a nice benefit for free though those of you that know Birmingham also know that the views in this part of town wouldn't be a big consideration and probably not worth paying for.

As you can see I strolled into my room to see that there would be plenty of space and windows all around. But from ground level you can also see that there really isn't much to look at down this side of town. A lot of it actually looks like it's going to be demolished and is boarded up opposite the hotel so hopefully some better times ahead.

There were a few vagrants and loiterers in the area too – I actually went back to get changed into more casual clothes before going back out again. I think this is partly due to the current economic climate (post-lockdown people aren't going out as much to cities etc and there aren't people working in offices yet for the most part) which has changed the dynamic/made the vagrants more aggressive. The location of the hotel doesn't help in that regard but I would expect to feel a lot safer in more normal times.

The bed was comfortable, and I slept really well at the hotel. Once accidentally after just having a lie down for 10 minutes in the late afternoon...

There was a real coffee maker, which is becoming a lot more common in UK hotels and is a welcome change from a disgusting sachet of Nescafe (other disgusting instant coffee brands are available too of course).

Overall the room really was pleasant to relax in with comfortable table and chairs to work, sip coffee, and enjoy the natural daylight afforded by the plentiful windows in this corner room.

Usual bathroom photos - overall fine though disappointing there was no rain shower just a regular over bath shower. I find the Radisson toiletries to be more than adequate.